How to backup or reset the start menu in Windows 10

No worries, there are actually a few easy ways to life images out of PDFs. In the Save As window, name the PowerPoint file and save it to your desired location. Adobe offers a product Acrobat Pro DC as part of their Creative Cloud Suite of products.

  • Before that, we’ll likely see a slew of public betas, starting next week.
  • Microsoft made a downloadable ISO disk image file for the beta Insider version available for installing Windows 11, allowing in-place upgrades or clean installations on a PC or in a virtual machine.
  • I switched to Ubuntu when Windows 7 support ended.

The big point is that Microsoft doesn’t care what kind of app you made. It can be Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Election, React Native, Java, a PWA, or something else, and Microsoft wants it in the store. There’s also a daily progress dashboard, and a bunch of options to let you customize your Focus Sessions however you need them. Windows has been focused on sharp corners ever since Windows 8, and those squared-off tiles made their way into Windows 10 as well.

Method 2: Using Computer Management Console

There’s also a mute/unmute button that’s going to show up in the taskbar, along with an option to start presenting. You can select one of the tiles in the layouts, and your app will snap to that position on the screen. Windows 10 brought us Snap Assist, and Windows 11 is bringing us Snap Layouts and Snap Groups.

Apps can now be pinned into folders and it is possible to see either more apps or stick with the recommendation view. Alternatively, you will be able to manually install an ISO file, but this is fiddly to set up and leaves you with an unsupported version that might miss out on core and security updates. Microsoft wants to rectify this issue by making its store more compelling for devs. Most importantly, the Windows Store can host any kind of app.

Stylish on-the-go protection

The Text input (formerly “Touch keyboard”) page expands the theme and customizations settings to the touch keyboard, voice typing, emoji panel, and other input methods. The Touch settings page available through the “Bluetooth & Devices” section adds a link to make it so that the press and hold visual is now always displayed regardless of the setting state. The Phone Link page has a new name to reflect the “Your Phone” app change. The Printers & Scanners page has been updated to show more details about the printer and scanner. On the Sound page, you will now see a warning when microphone access has been restricted in your privacy setting. If you are working with tabs, you can use the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut to create a new tab, the Ctrl + W keyboard shortcut to close a tab, and the mouse’s middle button to close a tab.


Windows 10 continues to be a great version of Windows. Microsoft has committed to supporting Windows 10 through October 14, 2025. If you use an ASUS system product (such as Notebook, Desktop, and All-in-One PC), the current hardware will not be able to upgrade. Click below to see the list of existing models that can be upgraded to Windows 11 free of charge. The Media Player app has also received a significant tweak.

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