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Going the distance: How to have a conversation on Tinder

Going the distance: How to have a conversation on Tinder

A great conversation starter is to comment on a tidbit off of somebody’s bio on a dating app

You were so impressed by his “New Girl” reference (“I’m not convinced that I know how to read, I’ve just memorized a bunch of words.”) that you really hope he messages you back … or maybe you should message him? Having a conversation on a dating app is pretty intimidating and difficult. But, with the following simple tips, it’s easy to have great Tinder conversations that will lead to something offline.

Other suitors go straight into trying to hook up, which is fine if that’s what you’re on the app for but will not really lead to a dating relationship

Here’s a truth: If your first message is somewhere along the lines of “Hey, what’s up?” and the other person responds with the same kind of generic greeting, nothing is going to happen. The conversation is dead, and that spark has withered into ash. These conversations are reminiscent of those first text conversations exchanged in middle school that you had when you were bored, and no one wants to remember their middle school days.

Instead, try to initiate conversation by mentioning something in their bio. Whether it’s that you love their puppy, you’re confused about why they have a kangaroo in their pictures or you loved the joke they put in their bio, this is a good way to start exploring who they are before deciding whether to meet up in person. Try to get past likes and dislikes and eventually start talking about perspectives, experiences and ideas, because those are what really matter in a relationship.

Another good way to spark conversation is through humor, though this is a little tricky. Someone once messaged me telling me that my name reminded him of pregnant spiders. You read that right. I was just as confused as you are right now. This somehow ended up working in his favor for jswipe about 20 minutes, as I was extremely curious, but the exhaustion of his randomness eventually outweighed my curiosity.